"As a vegan of 27 years for ethical reasons, i.e., because of the wish not to harm animals for trivial reasons, such as taste preferences, I believed I had heard all the arguments well-meaning meat eaters bring forth. I say "well-meaning" meat eaters because if somebody does not care about animals, there is no argument that would convince that person to stop eating animals.This book starts from the same premise: do you care about animals? If yes, then you should try to become vegan. If not, skip it. Not all well-meaning meat eaters use all of the reasons rebutted in this book, but a plethora of anti-animal trolls has provided us with lots of "buts". You have heard some: but what about plants, but what about predators, but what about evolution, but what about this holy book, but what about protein, but what about cheese, but, but, but. If you cling to one of those buts against your love or pity or concern for animals, this book will help you make the transition to a vegan diet and bring peace to your conscience. If you are already vegan, with non vegan friends and relatives, this book will answer all their "buts", so at least you will not have to keep repeating yourself! Just find their favorite "but" reason in this book and pull the answer out, a couple of pages long or less. Those who are able to abandon irrational or conflicting beliefs and choices (love animals but eat them), will be able to make the transition to a vegan diet. The others will know that their "but" is rebutted and maybe they will stop bringing it out every time they see you!"