"I have been a member of three different "animal rights" groups for at least a decade and have been active in terms of supporting campaigns and turning up for events. Not once in that time did anyone ever explain to me that being vegan was a moral baseline. What's worse is that I knew some people who worked for these groups who weren't vegan. BTW, all they ever talked about was money, money, money. As long as you were "veggie" (whatever that meant) that was okay. A few times, Professor Francione's name came up and people just dismissed him as "divisive" and a "trouble maker." When I asked about why he was these things, the only answer I seemed to get was that he was "extreme" about veganism and he rejected all of their campaigns. This actually made me curious and not put off so I ordered your book and it blew me away. Two important changes in my life--I am now vegan and I don't belong to any of those groups anymore. Thank you for opening my eyes and my mind."