Image: 2018-01/1516970537_elycdog.jpg

"Simply outstanding. Irrefutably logical and well structured. Based on a simple premise that we all accept – that it is wrong to inflict unnecessary suffering on animals – Francione and Charlton show how our own moral instincts already compel us to be vegan. For those not already vegan, this book refutes all of the perceived obstructions to getting there: religious mores, plant sentience, health concerns, family objections, etc. For those who are vegan, it's a superb guidebook to creative and logical advocacy. A powerful work, and I wish everyone would read it."

"Another success story!! My mom finally went vegan after reading your book. She has at one time or another tried to justify her eating meat and other stuff with every "But" you discuss. She has finally given up. Last night, she said that she felt better than ever before in terms of her general health. And that's after only two weeks! I love your book and I love the two of you for taking the time and caring enough to write it."

"This is the most profound book I have read in years. The message is simple and the argument irrefutable. The only thing I cannot understand is how I had not seen this for the 7 years I have been a milk drinking "veggie". Thanks for opening my eyes. I am now vegan."

"What an awesome book! I read it in four hours and gave it to my roommate who was vegan-curious and who read it and has been vegan for two weeks now. It's so easy to understand and it makes so much sense. Tho I was vegan before I got it, it's made my being able to talk about being vegan so much easier!!"

"I am joining the people who took the step and went vegan after reading this book. I have long been thinking about this issue while I continued to consume fish, dairy, and eggs. I really could not think clearly. This book solved my problem. I now understand perfectly and am grateful to the authors for helping me to do so. What I particularly loved was that the book is very "gentle". The authors make clear that they aren't judging or yelling; they're just making the points that need to be made. They are points that cannot be rebutted. I love this book."

"I got six books at Christmas time and gave them to six people who I know who really love animals but weren't vegan. Four of them are now vegan. The book is amazing."

"In this remarkably clear book, the authors argue persuasively that we don't need to embrace an animal rights position to see that veganism is a moral obligation; all we need to do is to accord animals some moral value. They argue that if animals matter at all and are not merely things, we cannot justify imposing harm on animals if the only benefit is our amusement or pleasure; and they use the case of Michael Vick to show that we all agree with that position. The authors go on to argue that our consuming animals cannot be meaningfully distinguished from what Vick did, in that we consume animal products only because we enjoy the taste as there is no necessity to do so. The authors are longtime vegan advocates who have produced a short and readable book that will equip every animal advocate with the necessary arguments to make not being a vegan look extreme!"

~ Gary Steiner, John Howard Harris Professor of Philosophy at Bucknell University

"We saw you on CNN about the case of the guy in New York who kicked the cat. What you said in four minutes blew our minds. So we looked you up and found this page and we got Eat Like You Care. It was the most profound thing we ever read. My partner and I are now both vegans."

"My girlfriend wrote to you last month. She got me to read the book on her reader. I have not really understood her thinking on this issue up to this point although I have tried. But I do now. I am going to give vegan a try for the animals and for her."

"I heard you speak at Vegfest in London. I had heard many criticisms of your views over the years and after listening to you speak I see that your views have been characterised inaccurately, so much so that I am inclined to think that you have been deliberately misrepresented. I bought Eat Like You Care at Vegfest and I read it on that same night. It is the very best book about veganism that I have read and I have read all of them. Instead of donating to groups like Viva! and Animal Aid this year, I am going to buy copies of your book and give them to everyone I know and to my local library. Thank you for your work and for putting up with all of the people who attack you."

"I have shared your book with three people so far. One has gone vegan (was an ovo-lacto-pesco type before) and one is going to try going vegan (is a complete omnivore now). That's 2 out of 3. Fantastic."

"I was at a party last week. For the very first time in my entire life, I was able to discuss my views on veganism. Your book has empowered me. Thank you."

"I am so grateful that I was given this book by my sister, who has been trying to tell me for years now that it made no sense for me to say that I loved animals (which I do) while I was eating animal products. Every time she spoke to me about it, I responded with all the objections that you and Anna discuss--and completely refute--in the book. I can't believe how dense I was being! I apologized to my sister for not taking what she said more seriously and, more important, I apologize to the animals whose exploitation I have supported. No more. Thank you so much for opening my eyes. I'm vegan forever!"

Image: 2018-01/elyc5.jpeg

"I have been a member of three different "animal rights" groups for at least a decade and have been active in terms of supporting campaigns and turning up for events. Not once in that time did anyone ever explain to me that being vegan was a moral baseline. What's worse is that I knew some people who worked for these groups who weren't vegan. BTW, all they ever talked about was money, money, money. As long as you were "veggie" (whatever that meant) that was okay. A few times, Professor Francione's name came up and people just dismissed him as "divisive" and a "trouble maker." When I asked about why he was these things, the only answer I seemed to get was that he was "extreme" about veganism and he rejected all of their campaigns. This actually made me curious and not put off so I ordered your book and it blew me away. Two important changes in my life--I am now vegan and I don't belong to any of those groups anymore. Thank you for opening my eyes and my mind."

"On Saturday, I was at one of my co-worker's wedding. It was not vegan but they made me vegan food. More than 20 people asked me about my food and now that I have read your book, I was able to explain to them that I was not the one being extreme and that being vegan followed from what they already believed. I was comfortable discussing the issue for the first time in my life and it was pretty clear that I was getting people to think. Thank you."

"I fall into the category with some of the other comments I have seen here. In my case, my girlfriend has been trying for two years to get me to go vegan. Although I respect her veganism, I really thought it was all about individual choice. She asked me to read your book and I did and I was blown away. I have been vegan now for one month and although I found it weird for the first couple of weeks, I am really getting into it now. Thanks to you for writing it and to my best friend for asking me to read it, and hey, best friend, I am sorry I did not listen to you earlier!"

"This is a calm peaceful gentle easy read. It could be studied as a book on logic. It deserves 6 stars!"

"My experience is similar to some others. Gave out 4 copies as holiday pressies to friends who consider themselves "animal lovers" and 2 have decided to try veganism. The other 2 are thinking about it. All 4 have been involved with various animal groups for years and all said that they had not been confronted with such clear, simple, but powerful ideas before."

"I've been a lacto-vegetarian for 12 years. Although I am active in several animal groups, local and national, none of them has ever said to me what you said: that if I cared about animals, veganism was the only morally acceptable way to go. Your book made that clear. I have not had dairy since I finished reading it and my intention is to never have it again. Thanks for making me see what I should have seen before."

"Dear Gary Francione and Anna Charlton: This book had a profound impact on me. I have been thinking about these issues for a while but was unable to find any clear guidance until I read this book. The logic of your approach is irrefutable and the argument is brilliant. You really have "proved" in a logical sense that if we reject the idea that animals are just things (and most people have), we are committed to veganism. What a remarkable book."

"This book is AMAZING! For the very first time ever, I am able to talk with people about veganism, sound intelligent and not feel terrified. Thanks so very very very much."

"I got your book for Christmas and I read it. It troubled me but it only took a day or two to see you were dead right. Today is Jan 1. Happy new year to you and for me, it's my first day as a vegan. Thanks for helping me to see what was so clear but that I never saw."

"This book gives relevant, real-life reasons why, when given honest consideration, we have a moral obligation to 'leave animals off the menu'. The authors demonstrate logically, factually and unapologetically, that in order to live in alignment with our ethics, we need to examine our thinking about farmed animals and our constructed justifications for eating them. In this text we are given clear, reasoned, responses to all the defences we have to eating animals. These answers resonate not only with vegans but with anybody who has a desire to learn beyond the status-quo, especially when lives and our own morals are at stake. This book would be a welcome addition to a vegan, philosophy, social justice or animals rights library however, I would strongly recommend it to anybody who enjoys reading thought-provoking and thoroughly researched writing about ethos and ethics. Eat Like You Care will challenge your beliefs and behaviours but ultimately leave you feeling empowered, inspired and informed."

"Dear Gary Francione and Anna Charlton: I was given your book by a dear friend of mine, Ann, who is a vegan and who has tried to talk with me about veganism for three years now. Although I really respected (and still do!) Ann, I really never got it. I read you book. I got it. I am going to try it out. Thanks for helping me to understand all of this."

"My friend Grace gave me your book. I am a big "animal lover" with 3 rescued dogs and 3 rescued cats who are the love of my life. I was not vegan and whenever Grace raised it with me, I got short with her because I did not think it was her business as it was my choice. I read your book and I realised it was not my choice and that I was foolish for ever seeing it that way. I have been vegan for 3 weeks now. I love it and I love your book. Thank you for helping me to see!"

"It's fantastic. I really want to help other people see that veganism is the only sensible thing if we value animals but I have never been able to organize my thinking in a way that would make me an effective teacher. This book solved that problem. I read it last month and I have already had more conversations with people in the last four weeks than I have had in the past four years I've been an abolitionist vegan. I am really engaging people and that's never happened before. Thanks for helping me to become a vegan educator!"

"After three years of arguments about what is just about every "But" you two describe (and a couple you don't!), my partner read your book and he went vegan. You have in truth saved our relationship!"

"This is a short, critical, morally sound and instructive book. It's teachy, not preachy, and is based on two principles: 1) Humans have a moral obligation not to impose unnecessary suffering on animals. 2) Animals matter morally, but humans matter more. I, a vegetarian since six years, got angry while reading this book. Angry at myself and at the meat, dairy and egg industry. Some of the findings in this book are details that I already knew, some are daunting and shocking but all are easily found (and verified), for instance that over 100 million male chicks are killed each year, because they are biologically unable to lay eggs, and other information shocked me because I didn't know of it, e.g. the vast amounts of grain that animals are fed in order to eat them or their produce, in relation to how many people can be fed using that very same grain instead - while not leading to the systematic torture of animals, ruin of water sources and our bodies in the process. The authors make a very stable case for how eating animals and animal products is equal, morally speaking, to torturing animals for enjoyment; and yes, they actually don't preach as they do this, but use logical arguments that anyone can follow. A vegan way of life is – naturally – suggested by the authors, who give tips on how to go about this, in an easy and most palatable way. All in all: short, highly recommendable and natural for all humans."

"I was a vegetarian (for 11 yrs) when I started reading the book. I am now a vegan. You opened my eyes and cleared my mind."

"As a vegan of 27 years for ethical reasons, i.e., because of the wish not to harm animals for trivial reasons, such as taste preferences, I believed I had heard all the arguments well-meaning meat eaters bring forth. I say "well-meaning" meat eaters because if somebody does not care about animals, there is no argument that would convince that person to stop eating animals.This book starts from the same premise: do you care about animals? If yes, then you should try to become vegan. If not, skip it. Not all well-meaning meat eaters use all of the reasons rebutted in this book, but a plethora of anti-animal trolls has provided us with lots of "buts". You have heard some: but what about plants, but what about predators, but what about evolution, but what about this holy book, but what about protein, but what about cheese, but, but, but. If you cling to one of those buts against your love or pity or concern for animals, this book will help you make the transition to a vegan diet and bring peace to your conscience. If you are already vegan, with non vegan friends and relatives, this book will answer all their "buts", so at least you will not have to keep repeating yourself! Just find their favorite "but" reason in this book and pull the answer out, a couple of pages long or less. Those who are able to abandon irrational or conflicting beliefs and choices (love animals but eat them), will be able to make the transition to a vegan diet. The others will know that their "but" is rebutted and maybe they will stop bringing it out every time they see you!"

"I purchased this book and it answered every question I had been struggling with. Especially on how to communicate with those in my life who defend eating animals. I became vegan only about six months ago and to me it is how I should have lived the first 53 years of my life. I have never eaten and felt better and I am always surprised on how everyone reacts around me. Sometimes I just don't know how to respond at all, or don't know how to respond correctly. I want to be a kind and gentle vegan and this book is truly making it better for me."

"I gave ten as presents at Christmas. So far, I have four vegans and two thinking seriously about it. This is the best book on veganism ever."

Image: 2018-01/10538448-826008250752264-5952517418999903193-n.jpg

"I just finished reading this and I have to say that was a great read. Easy to understand and very clear, it nevertheless demolishes every "but.." objection I have heard people raise in relation to justifying eating animals. it focuses exclusively on using animals for food, and leaves discussion about animals used for clothing and experiments for another time (a sequel?). This makes sense as the majority of animals killed are used for food, and while people are still eating animals it makes little difference what shoes they wear. I hope there is an affordable print version available soon, I would buy many copies and give them to lots of not-yet-vegan family and friends. Any thinking person should read this book."

"TWO DAYS after I gave this book to my partner, he read it and told me that in 2016, he's going vegan. I replied with the Francione "don't delay do it today" line and he said "you don't let up, do you?" I said NO. So he starts his vegan life at midnight tonight. I told him no New Years partying until midnight to give him a further incentive to do it NOW NOW NOW! ;-) This book is the BEST tool for vegan advocacy ever written."

Image: 2018-01/elyc3.jpeg

"We did this book for our reading group. We had nine people. Three were vegans to start and the other six were sort of vegetarian but most ate fish. We had more discussions, some heated, about this book than any other book our group read. Result: eight of us are now vegans. The ninth person left the group saying she did not want to be "shamed" (I know, one of your favorite words!) for eating fish, dairy and eggs. I predict she'll come back a vegan because she was clearly frustrated in not having any response to your airtight arguments. This book is the first vegan teaching and advocacy tool ever written. We're going to read your new book next!"

"This book is a beautifully written analysis of the moral position animals are granted in our society and the various excuses we use to justify our consumption of animal products. The language is simple and the explanations crystal clear. While it is not weighed down by numerous references, the authors provide the readers with credible sources, allowing them to verify the information for themselves and draw their own conclusions. In addition to discussing the ethical considerations of using animals for food, this book also addresses any nutritional concerns one might have about adopting a vegan diet and the environmental consequences of animal agriculture. Again, the authors point the readers towards excellent sources of information. If you consider yourself to be committed to justice and/or non-violence, or are simply someone who enjoys having their own ideas challenged, this it is a must read. I highly recommend that everyone read this book and other works by these brilliant and wonderfully dedicated educators who are undoubtedly changing the world."

"I read this book as soon as I found out the e-book was available and couldn't put it down for an instant. This is the REAL deal when it comes to books about the ethics of eating other animals and it blows any other of the genre that is currently out there right off the shelf in my opinion. This issue is a hot topic right now in our societies and it is only going to get hotter. Read this book so you can join in on the discussion! I recommend this book to everyone - vegan, not vegan, anti-vegan, 'vegetarian', 'wanna-be vegan' or just anyone who feels they care about other animals - and I haven't met hardly anyone who says they don't care about other animals. No matter your moral position, your philosophy, religion, atheism or other personal beliefs, no matter your background, age group or circumstances, this book will not leave anyone unchanged. Please have a read – you won't regret it. Books like this change the world, so don't miss out."

"ONE book with EVERY objection to veganism answered in ways that can memorize and use in my advocacy!! I LOVE this book!!"

"Your book hit me hard. I've been a vegetarian for 12 years and a member of Viva! here in the UK. Never once did anyone tell me that veganism was the baseline and that if I cared about animals I had to go vegan. Your book made me realise that and I have now gone vegan. Thank you."

Image: 2018-01/elycold.jpg

"I love the book! Finally, I have an answer for every objection that I can use and that does not require lots of complicated philosophy. At our July 4 party, I had the best discussion I have ever had with my relatives about why I am vegan. I think they are finally starting to understand and they were really engaged. Thanks!"

"I am so psyched!! I have now persuaded 4 people to go vegan because of this little book. You have helped me to do more for animals in 3 months than I did in the 5 years that I campaigned for all the wrong things at the behest of the big groups."

"Animal Rights: The Abolitionist Approach, along with Eat Like You Care, are simply the most effective guides to understanding the logic of the Abolitionist Approach and actually changing people's behavior. Well done."

"My boyfriend went vegan after reading your book. I love the two of you more than you can possibly know."

"This book is incredible. My dad has been pretty resistant to talking about veganism in the ten years I've been a vegan. But he's been reading bits and pieces of the book (which I have left in the living room) and he's starting to show some interest. He's still far from going vegan but we're at least talking. This book has the perfect tone and it is the most clear discussion on the subject I have ever encountered."

"I know at least six people who have gone vegan as a direct result of this book. Three of them were vegetarians and the other three were omnis who thought of themselves as "animal lovers". That's very impressive and shows how your approach can and does work."

Image: 2018-01/elyc1.jpg

"Two months ago I wrote you that my Mom had read the book and was being much less critical of my being vegan. I hope you remember. Well, I want to update you that my Mom actually said that all of this makes perfect sense to her and she really didn't see it right before and she is thinking of trying to go vegan. You cannot believe the change in her and in my house generally. I cannot tell you how happy I am you wrote this book."

"My partner and I came to hear you on Saturday in Cleveland and we got your book. He read the book on Sunday. He told me last night that he's going vegan. Thank you for coming to Cleveland and thank you for writing that book."